Al “Hollywood” Meggett’s Boxing Passion Is Admirable in Charleston

There is hardly any boxing fan who is not familiar with the name of Charleston Boxing Club and its creator Al “Hollywood” Meggett. Al is a legendary figure in the field of boxing and his contribution in this sport are worth mentioning. As professional player of boxing in the past, Meggett never parted with its association with this sport and made Charleston his new permanent home, instead of his original home New York, to live with the passion of boxing and continued to work as aspirational force for the youth of the United States.

Story of Meggett’s passion for boxing

The story of Meggett’s passion got pace when he came to Charleston more than thirty years ago and established his non-profit Charleston Boxing Club in this city. Meggett’s boxing gym Charleston SC is the oldest. He supported youth with boxing skills and aspired them to do positive in life. As a successful professional boxer of the past, he trained youth community by imparting boxing skills and made them to stand in their life. Because of his utmost care from youth, Meggett is considered as their second father and his disciples also respect him. Meggett has gone old now but his passion is unabated. He is in search of some disciple who can charge of his passion for boxing. He is founder of boxing club Charleston SC and laid foundation stone of Charleston Boxing club. His motivational force created many new professional boxers and enhance skills of existing boxers. More than thirty years of service for boxing field is a lone and unique example of Meggett’s passion for this sport which very few people might have in this world.

Meggett’s motivation

The name of boxing Charleston SC is because of Meggett’s incessant efforts and the services he offered to youth community, families, and USA Boxing Organization. This will continue to motivate the generations to come in future.