Benefits of School Assessment Analysis System

Exams are conducted to judge the performance and the progress made by the students and it is the basis of any academic institutions. However this system is not a favorite among all students. Some students consider exams as real nightmare and have shivers ahead of exams.

Their prayers fail at times and often they are in a havoc especially after the examination results. They does not want to bring it to the attention of their parents and take extreme steps like forging signatures on examination slips.

Working parents on the other hand have less time visiting school to monitor the progress and understand the performance of their child. Apparently the integrated result analysis Saps developed by Malaysian Ministry of Education, help the parents to know about the progress of their kids.

Essential Benefits of Student Assessment Analysis Program (Saps)

Some of the essential benefits of student assessment analysis program are

  • Student assessment analysis program can help the parents verify the outcomes of the examination from time to time, continuing online like the mid-year exams, trial exams and also the year end exams
  • Interactive web based programs can be used by teachers, students and the parents and to maintain an effective communication between the three.
  • With the help of Saps, the parents can monitor the progress of the student and provide a suitable aid when they require.
  • Student assessment analysis system is a biggest blessing to the working parents to keep tabs on the child development without the need of visiting the school premises and waiting for the teacher’s appointment in knowing the child progress in academics.


This online web portal yield plenty of benefits to the parents. Perhaps one of the best systematic approach carried out the Malaysian education Ministry to help the parents, teachers and students.