Creative Work has been done in Floor Care

As we all know, the floor care business is quite extensive and has cut-throat competition within it. Therefore, the advertising in this business has also to be as per its standards. Johannes Leonardo has forayed into this segment since the last few years and has done pretty well. It got into the floor care business and has managed to secure work for four TTI Floor Care Brands, that also include the UK based Vax. Apart from it, the remaining ones are Dirt Devil, Oreck and Hoover. All these jobs were bagged by the company somewhere around 2014 and it expects more new work to come soon. Actually, London based AAR Group reviewed its works earlier before it was awarded with these contracts. Earlier, The Black Arts was involved in this creative job though it will still continue to be a partner of TTI Floor Care.

  • TTI Floor Care has been aiming higher – TTI Floor Care has been aiming for the best during the last few years and that shows why Johannes Leonardo has been chosen for the job. To drive home this point, one can simply understand that TTI spent $27 million in media in 2012 for Dirt Devil, Oreck and Hoover whereas the next year, in 2013, it spent a whopping $67 million for the same. It simply goes on to show the kind of impact it wants its campaigns to build up so that there is more awareness among the masses. That is why Johannes Leonardo may have been chosen for the job. Surely, it can be called a masterstroke considering its requirements.
  • Consumers control conversations of today – This is the mantra which Johannes Leonardo believes and this was also the reason why the company was able to get jobs in the lucrative floor care business. The Chief Marketing Officer of TTI Floor Care, Mr. Alan Gravely was himself quite attracted to this philosophy of the company due to which he made the decision of granting the contract to Johannes Leonardo.

The company is making some good progress in this area and is expected to do well here too.