Dedicated Hosting Servers for Melbourne Hosting

The Intergrid company is working on providing dedicated hosting server service to businesses and data centers at about 5 major cities of Australia and New Zealand. These cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and Perth.

Intergrid provides many packages for companies, businesses operating in Melbourne. The dedicated server service in Melbourne hosting service package depends on RAM, storage capacity, etc. The user can select any of the three packages as per their requirement. The three main dedicated Melbourne hosting server package are:

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  1. E3-1220 v5 (3.0 GHz) – The first package is of 99 $ monthly which includes 4 cores, 8GB DDR4, 1 x 1TB HDD storage capacity with 2TB data.
  2. E3-1270 (3.4 GHz) – The second package is of 129 $ monthly. This package consists of 4 (8 T) cores with 16GB DDR 3 RAM and having a storage capacity of 2 x 250 GB SSDs with 2TB data.
  3. 2x E5-2670 (2.6 GHz) – The third package is with most high data storage capacity and hence it costs about 350$ per month. The package includes 16 (32 T) cores. The RAM provided is 64GB DDR3 with 2 x 500GB SSDs and 1 x 4TB HDD storage capacity. The data provided by the company is of about 4TB.

However, for any additional bandwidth or any addons and license services are charged extra. Intergrid provides the Melbourne hosting servers with more than 50 operating systems to work on. Thus, Melbourne hosting service provided by Intergrid is famous in the entire city, as they provide complete protection and support throughout day and night. The installation setup is fast and instant servers can be build up and ready to go for immediate use. The Intergrid network provided in Melbourne hosting is fast and resilient and client working in multiple cities can easily connect their network through Intergrid hosting servers.