How Modern E-cigarette Evolved from Ancient Vaping

A man named Joseph Robinson devised idea of an e-cigarette. However, smokeless non-tobacco cigarette introduced by Herbert Gilbert in 1963 was main initiative of vaping. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented modern e-cigarette or e-cigaret in 2003 and became popular worldwide. Initially, smoking addicts were not familiar with this method but its use grew exponentially over years when people came to realize its benefits. In the countries such as United States, UK, and some other European nations, like Denmark the use of e-cigarette is highly prevalent. Modern e-cigarette is undergoing improvement as it is getting popularized in many other places in the world.


How modern e-cigarette evolved

Vaping has old history, but modern vaping is a recent innovation of the preceding century that has Asian genesis in China but extreme fame in European and American nations. However, Egypt also has history of using vaping techniques in the form of hot stones to herbal vaping. Shisha or using Hookah for inhaling tobacco vapors is also known in thousands of years old Indian history. All these historical evidences are responsible for invention and development of modern vaping that has gained worldwide popularity in short period of time. The difference is that ancient vaping methods used tobacco that contains nicotine as core chemical or mixing nicotine with marijuana, but an e-cigaretter has option to replace it with one or more other less harmful chemicals. The use of first e-cigarette can be found in the United States, but it has become e-fashion in modern time in many other places.

E-cigarette availability

When use of e-cigarette has become a trend, it has attracted many smoking enthusiasts to make use of e-v├Žske as substitute of tobacco. It has been made available on many online smoking accessories selling shops. There are many popular websites of leading smoking accessories brands such as Ecigaret Land that provide a good variety of this product.