Iron Deficiency Anemia: Treatment given by Supplements Canada

Iron deficiency affects the health of billions of people worldwide. The prevalence of anemia in developing countries is three to four times higher than in industrialized countries. In Asia, the most affected region in South Central Asia. Based on rural population survey by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), 58% of the rural population in India is anemic. The prevalence of anemia is higher in India compared to other industrialized and non – industrialized countries, the reasons being a low intake of iron-rich foods including enhancers of iron absorption and also poor maintenance of hygiene in and around the home that could help in the prevention of infection and also spread of diseases.

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) reduces oxygen carrying capacity, and results in increased fatigue, lethargy and decreased physical activity. It affects intellectual work capacity, shortens attention span and reduces resistance to infections. IDA is associated with abnormalities in neurotransmitter metabolism and decreased myelin formation. In developing countries, iron deficiency impairs about 40 – 60 % of mental development, especially in the early years. Iron deficiency and national productivity are negatively associated in areas where it is affected the most with losses up to 2% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

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The various strategies to combat iron deficiency anemia are iron supplementation, iron fortification, dietary diversification. Supplements Canada is a vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturing company that would be able to help in combating IDA.

A supplementation is an effective approach for increasing the intake of iron. In clinical practice, once a patient is diagnosed with IDA, treatment with medicinal iron is prescribed accordingly. Thus, supplements from National nutrition supplements Canada can be of use in alleviating IDA, especially in developing countries.

The list of supplements manufactured by national nutrition supplements Canada are Iron, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12 and folic acid, Vitamin C with bioflavonoid, copper, chlorophyll, green food supplements with spirulina.