Leo Premutico Puts Creativity and Effort into Quality

When we think about companies we never think about the campaigns that went behind them. But those are definitely some of the most crucial things which actually made them happen. A bubbly youth is never someone who we think will a successful co-founder or head of a campaign business. The current success of Johannes Leonardo has brought Leo Premutico. He is lively and states that his partner and he created the company in a way that it would be successful. They have already worked with big companies like Adidas, Google and TripAdvisor to attain the 4th position Ad Age’s A-List of 2018.


Who is Leo Premutico and What is his view?

The media has termed himself as the ‘wunderkind’ as he was just 28 when he started on his journey in the advertising industry. He is quite fun and frolic and likes to joke quite a bit. As we may have already guessed, the media and technicalities intrigued him to take up a creative way out of it. Leo Premutico states himself to be just like anyone else and puts his success on the hours of work that he puts into the field. He is enthusiastic enough to employ people who love to be creative and put their ideas out there. Motivating the juniors is a key thing that he does in most of his interviews.

Can you become like him?

 Of course, Leo Premutico believes it himself and wants everyone to become creative when entering the field. He has already worked with banners like CocaCola and Amazon, so he knows the newness that the industry is looking for. His main advice is to put in an equal amount of effort to see it reflected in the aftermath. We can definitely see the advice working for youths who are similarly forced by creativity and want to change the world bit by bit.