Open Abaya – A New Style Statement

The abaya or open abaya or a cloak is a simple and loose garment, a robe-like, worn by Muslim women all over the world. These are usually black in color and draped from shoulders or head. The whole body is covered except head, feet, and hands. There are designers in abaya UK where they create chic, wearable and fashionable abayas as per the trendy fashion.

Famous designer Lamya has customized and changed the way abaya UK have perceived the way open abaya should be. She has directed to create the abaya using various kinds of designs and glitters/ beads and much more. The abaya designed by Lamya has been recognized and exhibited in many international stores too. She has created designs such as polka dots, heart-shaped frills made of leather, long red sleeves, and detachable aprons in her trendy look for open abaya and this abaya are in fashion in abaya UK among women.

The new ideas to add on abaya includes the addition of shawls, colorful pockets, patchwork, belts and other accessories too to have a trendy look. The abaya designed by Lamya have vintage-inspired elements too, which includes pop colors and some of the antique adornments and embellishments. Many types of fabrics can be used in an abaya, such as jacquards, fleece, dyed fabrics, brocades, cotton mix, etc. The contemporary models use caftans usually as an abaya, which is a cut from light and flowing fabrics like crepe, chiffon, and georgette. The other styles of abaya are front open abaya and front closed abaya. Apart from adornments, some prefer having embroidery on the black abaya while some prefer bright colored abaya with different forms of artwork or patchwork across the abayas.

Traditionally, the abaya online is only considered as a judicial abaya, but it differs with countries. In Arab states of Gulf, the abayas are mostly black in color, whereas Turkish abayas could be colorful.