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The word Hajj signifies “to intend a journey”.  The Hajj pilgrim is referred as the annual Muslim pilgrimage. The pilgrims start heading to Mecca to sacred most city of Muslims. The pilgrimage is deemed as the mandatory religious activity of the Muslim. Earlier, people who are financially sound only used to take this journey but now many charitable organisations have started supporting the pilgrims and also provide them financial aids for the same. The Hajj is listed as second on global platform in terms of sacred.

Through this pilgrim the pilgrims devote themselves to Allah. The devotion of these pilgrims is in other words, both the external and the internal way of journey. The pilgrimage of Hajj happen from 8-12 sometimes even 13 of last month Dhu al-Hijjah. As the calendar of Islam is based on lunar it is deficient of eleven days as compared to the Gregorian calendar.

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Pilgrims can also head to the sacred Mecca to carry out the rituals even at other months in the year. But such pilgrimage is considered as the “lesser pilgrimage” or “Umrah”. They remain under the obligation to perform Hajj in their life. Women after finishing the pilgrim also start wearing “hijab” in order to show their intense faith on Allah. Imrah is also practiced during this pilgrim.

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