Several Causes of Dry Itchy Flaky Skin under Eyes Facts

The eye is basically the first thing that people see in a person. Any sort of itchiness, dryness or rash near the eyes can be extremely disturbing to the day to day life. In general, any problem in the skin near the eyes is caused by a form of irritant. Mentioned below are a few how to treat skin around eyes tips that show the different causes of such issues.

how to treat skin around eyes tips

Conditions of auto-immunity

When the body’s immune system starts attacking the person’s own body parts, then it is called an auto-immune disorder. Many a times in such conditions the skin under the eyes might get affected. There can be formation of rashes under the eyes.

Bacteria can cause under eye skin problems

People at times get careless about using their contact lenses and hands. Often they end up not cleaning their hands properly which might cause an infection by bacteria. The results may be swelling or redness of skin around the eyes. Often this can end up to cellulitis as well. Ecellulitis tips for skin under eye treatment can prove to be helpful during such conditions.

Using rubber near eyes can cause irritation

Many a times, swimmers use masks and goggles while swimming. The rubber used to make these articles can often prove to be harmful for the delicate skin near the eyes. There can be formation of a rash in the skin that can be itchy and disturbing.

Usage of cosmetics can cause allergy

Often different types of cosmetics use chemicals that might act as irritant to the skin near the eyes. Application of cosmetics can thus cause allergies that might result in swelling and itchiness. People can follow dry skin patch under eyes advice from dermatologists for curing the issue.

These are the basic reasons that cause problems in skin around the eyes. If problem seems to be severe, then a professional dermatologist should always be contacted.