Some Dermatological Problems and How Natural Remedies Help Control Them

With a significant increase in the level of pollution and change in our diets, we face various problems. Our skin is one organ which bears the brunt of our changing lifestyles. More often than not we are faced with a multitude of problems.

Let’s take a look at few of the more common skin problems and their solution.


  • Condition: Eczema is commonly used to denote an inflammation of the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). It can be caused by many factors, most common ones being- stress, smoking, drastic change of diet and pollution. Mostly, eczema is diagnosed with red blotches appearing on the skin.
  • Remedy:Even though there is no known cure for it, there are certain Eczema cream that can be used to control the symptoms.Mostly, doctors prescribe creams that are corticosteroids (contain steroids) resulting in side effects including high blood pressure, thinner skin, weight gain, pimples etc. However, the best path to choose to battle eczema is a cream containing natural ingredients. Natural creams contain herbs and are better for healing the skin.

Eczema cream


  • Condition: This condition mainly affects the joints and skin. People may often confuse it with Eczema because of redness of the skin. But Psoriasis causes an extra growth of skin in places and may often cause discolouration. It is however not contagious. More serious outbreaks occur on elbows, knees, genital areas and even the scalp.
  • Remedy: Since Psoriasis affects each person differently, there is no particular treatment available for it. Consulting a doctor is mandatory,and there are some regimes to control it. Moisturising, bath treatments and ointments can be used. Also, there is some natural cream for Psoriasis, which considerably lessens the effects.


  • Condition: This disease mainly affects the blood vessels.People suffering from Rosacea experience redness of skinon the forehead, cheeks, nose and even back of the neck.
  • Remedy: Dermatologists usually decide the course of treatment depending on the severity of the condition. Mostly treatments include- Laser, Co2 laser therapy and antibiotics. Also, natural Rosacea cream available on the market helps control the effects considerably.

These are some of the most rampant skin diseases. Even though there are different ways to treat them, choosing the natural way is most beneficial.