Three Common Misconceptions about Dedicated Hosting Debunked

Businesses have a number of options when they decide about migrating a large portion of their infrastructure to hosts off-site. Studies show that the managed and colocation hosting market is expected to reach a new height in the near future. The reason is that the hosting services these days not just know what is available, but they also know what works for their unique business needs.

In the recent years, melbourne hosting have been under scrutiny. They are surrounded by a considerable amount of both hype and negativity. To understand the true value of this type of hosting, the common three misconceptions about this hosting is debunked:

Melbourne hosting

Dedicated hosting means lack of control:

One of the common misconceptions about this type of server hosting is that it takes away the control from the owner of the website. Most people feel that as an expert service provider will be taking care of the technical part, there will be lesser control and accessibility. However, the control and access will largely rely on the provider and also the kind of service selected by a website owner.

For instance, if a website owner opts for a managed dedicated server, he will get full-range of vendor support. Even in this case, the website owner will have a complete control over the resource usage and also at the solutions, applications, and platforms. In most instances, clients will get more accessibility as compared to what they believe.

Dedicated hosting is not dependable:

This is yet another misconception. With many hosting services popping up these days, most companies aim at offering the best service to their customers to make sure that they will stay in the business. So, dedicated servers are highly dependable.

Dedicated hosting is expensive:

Another most common misconception is that dedicated hosting is expensive. In fact, it costs lesser than the cloud hosting.


The idea here is to help website owners understand the misconceptions. They can confidently opt for dedicated hosting as it is highly dependable.