Tips to Play Shadow Fight game


Shadow Fight is one of the games which is developed many years ago and it is popular. This game is available for an Android and as well as Ios users. It is fighting game the player will fight with the opponents, which are controlling by the computer. Shadow fight 2 and shadow fight 3 are the versions. The first versions of shadow fight were launched on Oct 9, 2013, and this game was released throughout the world in 2014 on May 1. While playing the game as a player your goal is closing the gate of shadows.

Learn how to control

In every game, we should know how to control ourselves without losing the game how to get winning points. By using different punching and blooter moves you can fight with your opponent it will depend on the way in which you are handling the joystick. In this game you able to forecast opponent move based on their bombard style. In your mobile, by taking the help with shadow fight hack 3  you can win the number of levels. Hack Shadow fight 3 will help to keep the backup of all the resources on your mobile.


Replay the fight, until you get to win –

It is another tip until you get the win just to replay the fight. When you start replaying the game then whatever mistake you priorly do, you will not repeat. It will help to avoid the mistakes. It will help to play effectively.

Keep on fighting until end

Whenever your enemy standing behind you then no need to get nervous, then by using the joystick run away and think what will be next step to get the win on your enemy.

Unlock new fighter and new gear

After getting winning points you can unlock the new moves for the fighter. And after getting gems you can unlock weapons like backsword and boomerang etc.

This is all about the shadow fight game and the above tips will help you to play and win the best.