Various Types of Floors Made Up Of Hardwood

Broadly classifying there are two basic kinds of Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Mount Pleasant SC. One is solid and the other one is engineered. Both these two types of hardwood are best suited for the kitchen floor and are relatively affordable and have several benefits for the same.

Solid hardwood

This is the kind of hardwood which is extracted from one piece of an entire wood. Traditionally this kind of wood was considered to be pure in its truest form. This type of flooring has the flexibility to modify and bring about changes by giving finishing touches every now and then. The only drawback being its non resistant feature to adjust in humid conditions and also cannot withstand damp prone areas. Hence installing Kitchen Flooring Mount Pleasant SC is something which requires a lot of precautions and preventive measures. Solid hardwood has the flexibility to be installed in the kitchen with a prefinished product or even a product which requires finishing on site. Both are equally acceptable depending upon the demand and nature of the place and the customer concerned. The hardwood can either be slicked onto the floor with glue or can be fixed with the help of stapling.

Engineered Hardwood

This is the type of hardwood which requires the stacking, piling and joining layers and sheets of various plies which are extracted from timber. Piling them together puts through a construction which is cross-grained. Hardwood Flooring Mount Pleasant SC and its installation in an engineered hardwood is far more durable and withstands more humidity than the solid hardwood. This is harder in nature and can be installed even on hard concrete surfaces. This type of hardwood is usually accepted as a pre finished product thereby reducing hassles in piling up on the site. This also provides a greater flexibility in the time of installing it.