What do you know about the kinds of instagram users

Instagram is an excellent app when it comes to sharing pictures or videos which are unique. However,  when people post on Instagram they usually fit into one of the few kinds which have been identified and thus they can be categorized into set boxes.

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Types of Instagram users

The various types of Instagram users are :

  1. Foodies: These are people that photograph whatever they are eating or will be eating in the immediate future. Most of the photograph not only items which are exotic like sushi but also something as plain as the cupcake they are snacking on.
  2. Latte Artiste: These are people that take pictures of foam on lattes and coffees.
  3. Couples: These people are more likely to have private instagram profiles and in order to view their posts and videos one would need to have access to how to view private instagram profiles of these people. They usually post pictures doing stuff as a couple.
  4. Vacationers: These post pictures and videos going on exotic vacations and to great destinations.
  5. Frequent flyers: These are people who mainly post cityscapes from the wings of the plane.
  6. Selfie: These people only take selfies whatever be the occasion, destination or reason.
  7. Bad news: These people post pictures doing illegal activities such as poaching, doing drugs or selling weapons. They would be better off having Private Instagram profiles. Yet they should know that there is Instagram private profile viewer programs which still gives access to whatever is posted even on private Instagram profiles.
  8. Dog person: These post pictures with their dogs and of their dogs.
  9. Bridge trolls: These people take pictures of various bridges from different angles. Other than bridges one rarely finds anything else posted.