What should you know before opting for a Computer Repair?

The Computer is a device that is capable of computing on a large scale. Unlike, a mobile that has limited peripheral devices, the computer has many. The computer has a screen, viz the monitor, a CPU and a UPS. There are other devices like Printer, Fax machine too connected to it.

Certain problems can be repaired by self before opting for a Computer Repair like one does for a MacBook Repair or an iPad Repair.

First,identify the location of the Problem

Since the computer is the interconnection of various devices, one should identify where the exact problem is whether it is the Monitor or the CPU.

Computer Repair

Where the problem usually occurs?

The following are the major areas of problem.

Motherboard or the RAM problem

If the Motherboard or the RAM has a problem, then it can be bought from stores and can be changed by self as the customer service would charge a separate amount for the service charge itself. The RAM poses a problem due to the heavy data storage, that can be easily rectified.

Monitor Screen Problem

As the monitor ages, the screen’s resolution decreases and one cannot have a proper quality of thecontent display. This can be rectified by unplugging the computer monitor and then inserting a new monitor.


It is always good and best to maintain a UPS as the UPS protects the system from various damages. The presence of a UPS is beneficial in many ways like the sudden interruption in work can be prevented etc.,

These might sound trivial, but many end up paying so much to get things repaired. This sort of basic checkup has to be done before one chooses to call up the services company or repair personnel.